Here’s one little highlight from each month of 2020

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I love my job. I get to spend my time immersed in the most important topics of any given day, week, or month. And the writers I edit do all the deep thinking and hard work. What a great deal! I’m always moved by their intelligence, sensitivity and bravery, and I’m grateful that I get to help them share what they know with the world. These people helped me — and hopefully a lot of readers— make sense of an awful year. …

I didn’t talk on the phone for a month. This has to change.

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A fake “look at each other and laugh” pose with my real friends (credit: Anna Marks Photography)

This week, I called my friend Hana to say happy birthday and talked for about 40 minutes. The next day, I called my friend Katherine to check on her father’s health.

These conversations sound unremarkable, and they were. But after each one, I was on Cloud 9. Delighted. Giddy. I felt like myself! And I know why: Before this week, I hadn’t talked on the phone to a friend in at least a month.

I realized it when my colleague Tim Herrera tweeted this, and I could relate. …

Before Thanksgiving, we should all get to wipe something from the record.

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Photo by Devin Pickell on Unsplash

I want to propose a new holiday: Internet Erasure Day.

Let’s say today, November 24. Just in time to breathe a grateful sigh of relief before Thanksgiving.

Here’s how we celebrate: All of us who spend a lot of (okay, too much) time on the online will be entitled to choose something that makes us want to curl up into a little ball and die of shame — a bad-taste tweet, an embarrassing Facebook album from 2007 with 56 pictures from a single happy hour, that weird trying-to-be-professional headshot that keeps popping up in Google Images — and demand that everyone in the world delete it from their memory and never think about it or mention it again. …


Jenée Desmond-Harris

Writer & editor currently at @nytopinion. Before this: @jskstanford @voxdotcom, @theroot, @harvard_law, @howardu

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