I hope my mom and dad will get the shot soon. But I don’t want to lose this feeling.

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

My parents, who are in their 70s, are each on about four different waiting lists for the Covid vaccine. Despite their best efforts, they don’t have appointments yet. When they finally get them, I’ll be so relieved. But I hope I’m not TOO relieved. I hope I don’t lose the overwhelming sense of pandemic-inspired gratitude that they’re alive and okay.

Like all parents — really, all people — they each have their quirks. …

I love Peloton workouts but the instructors’ comments can be too much.

I’ve been using the Peloton app, and I like it.

I’ve never been particularly athletic (and my very, very low ranking on the leaderboard is a reminder of that) but I can’t deny that for one to two hours after I finish a workout, I feel accomplished, clear-headed and energetic. Work tasks seem less overwhelming, drinking water seems more exciting, and falling asleep at night is easier. Especially amid a pandemic, it’s really nice to not have to leave the house to exercise. …

Here’s one little highlight from each month of 2020

I love my job. I get to spend my time immersed in the most important topics of any given day, week, or month. And the writers I edit do all the deep thinking and hard work. What a great deal! I’m always moved by their intelligence, sensitivity and bravery, and I’m grateful that I get to help them share what they know with the world. These people helped me — and hopefully a lot of readers— make sense of an awful year. …

I didn’t talk on the phone for a month. This has to change.

A fake “look at each other and laugh” pose with my real friends (credit: Anna Marks Photography)

This week, I called my friend Hana to say happy birthday and talked for about 40 minutes. The next day, I called my friend Katherine to check on her father’s health.

These conversations sound unremarkable, and they were. But after each one, I was on Cloud 9. Delighted. Giddy. I felt like myself! And I know why: Before this week, I hadn’t talked on the phone to a friend in at least a month.

I realized it when my colleague Tim Herrera tweeted this, and I could…

Before Thanksgiving, we should all get to wipe something from the record.

Photo by Devin Pickell on Unsplash

I want to propose a new holiday: Internet Erasure Day.

Let’s say today, November 24. Just in time to breathe a grateful sigh of relief before Thanksgiving.

Here’s how we celebrate: All of us who spend a lot of (okay, too much) time on the online will be entitled to choose something that makes us want to curl up into a little ball and die of shame — a bad-taste tweet, an embarrassing Facebook album from 2007 with 56 pictures from a single happy hour, that weird trying-to-be-professional headshot that keeps popping up in Google Images — and demand that…

Jenée Desmond-Harris

Writer & editor currently at @nytopinion. Before this: @jskstanford @voxdotcom, @theroot, @harvard_law, @howardu

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