Twelve Writers Who Made My Year

Here’s one little highlight from each month of 2020

JANUARY: Michelle Alexander, “The Injustice of this Moment Is Not an Aberration”

FEBRUARY: Susan Fowler, “Why I Wrote the Uber Memo”

MARCH: Abdullah Shipar, “Coronavirus and the Isolation Paradox”

APRIL: LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant, My Mother Is Busy Getting Ready to Die”

MAY: Sabrina Strings, “It’s Not Obesity — It’s Slavery”

JUNE: Tiffanie Drayton, “I’m a Black American — I Had to Get Out”

JULY: Rebecca Martinson, “I Won’t Return to the Classroom, and You Shouldn’t Ask Me To”

AUGUST: Daniel Hunter, “Don’t Believe the Lie That Voting Is All You Can Do”

SEPTEMBER: Melanye Price, “Breonna Taylor Deserved Justice”

OCTOBER: Melinda D. Anderson, “‘You’re Out of Your Mind if You Think I’m Ever Going Back to School’”

November: Wajahat Ali, “‘Reach out to Trump Supporters,’ They Said — I Tried”

DECEMBER: William J. Barber and Liz Theoharis, “What Biden and Harris Owe the Poor”

Writer & editor currently at @nytopinion. Before this: @jskstanford @voxdotcom, @theroot, @harvard_law, @howardu

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